Is treatment refusal considered medical malpractice?

medical malpractice iconOn a basic level, a medical doctor (also known as a physician) restores health through diagnosing and treating diseases.  In addition, they are trained to treat trauma injuries and physical, as well as mental impairment.

Doctors, who are in private practice, are able to freely choose who they treat, how much they charge, and the hours that they are open to the public.  The only time a doctor is required to treat a patient is when a life threatening matter is at hand.  A doctor/patient relationship is established when the physician actually “sees” the patient, and treatment is usually continued, until services are no longer needed, the patient dismisses the doctor or until the professional relationship is terminated based on mutual consent

During a non-emergency situation, a doctor may refuse to see a patient.  For example, a doctor may not take on a new patient in their private practice, if they feel that by doing so, it would compromise the integrity of the care of their current patients.

There are some other situations when a doctor may decide that they will no longer treat a patient.  Some of those reasons are listed below:

  1. They are unable to professionally help a patient, and by continuing treatment, professional boundaries maybe blurred.  In another words, if the person seeking treatment is a family member and the doctor would be unable to perform necessary treatment, without getting emotionally involved.  Professional boundaries are important, and are in place, for the safety of the patient, as well as the doctor.
  2. If medical care is voluntarily sought, and if treatment goals are not mutually consented upon by the doctor and patient, it is possible that is type of impasse could cause conflict, and the situation may become uncomfortable and frustrating.  This is one type of example that a medical relationship can be terminated.  (In cases like this, another doctor may be referred to the patient).
  3. If a patient’s medical insurance no longer covers a certain treatment, and payment cannot be covered by the individual, then care can be legally terminated by the doctor.

Although the policies are always changing, physicians are advised to proceed with caution, if making a decision to refuse to treat a particular patient. According to a Seaford medical malpractice attorney – Respectable conduct must be displayed at all times by the doctors, and communication as to why treatment cannot be performed or continued must be clearly understood by the patient.

A physician is not able to legally refuse to treat a patient based on religion, race, or gender.  If you have a strong belief, that a physician is refusing to see you based on the above mentioned, you are able to file a formal complaint with the discrimination board.

A patient, on the other hand, is able to terminate the relationship with their doctor for any reason, and without concern for legal consequences.

Anchorage DUI Defense Guide

There are several ways and methods that one could do to find the best Anchorage DUI defense lawyer for their case. If anyone is arrested for the violence of DUI, the smartest move that one could make is to hire or consult an Anchorage DUI Defense Lawyer.

Finding the Best Anchorage DUI Defense Lawyer

man performing a sobriety test in Anchorage, AKIn fact, DUI case is not simple as most of the people think. It is a complicated case which requires a representative legal help to come out of that problem. A common man without prior experience in the field of laws cannot fight for his rights in the court of law. Only an experienced DUI defense lawyer will have the courage and experienced to fight in the court of law on behalves of his client. After all, much could be lost, and one has to achieve the best outcomes possible.

A DUI Defense Lawyer has had much specialty training and experience in these cases. The lawyer knows what his client up against. Do not make the mistake of entrusting one’s freedom; one’s driver’s license, and even the future to somebody unqualified. In fact, DUI charge is a serious crime, and if anyone is charged with this act or violence, it will be public and permanent record forever. This is the main reasons that one should select the most experienced and highly qualified Anchorage criminal defense lawyer to get the best result.

But choosing the best DUI defense lawyer becomes a big problem for most of the people since there are several legal representatives are available to choose from and making a decision is not that easy. Therefore, one should do research and collect information as much as possible to make the right decision in hiring the best DUI defense lawyer.

Referrals are one of the best ways to find the right lawyer. The best way to find referrals is to ask people such as friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors, etc., who have an experience in committing such crime and used the help of the lawyer. An excellent highly regarded law firm would not hesitate to provide this information. Therefore, one could see even law firms in finding the DUI lawyers.


The Internet is also one the best place in searching and doing research about the DUI defense lawyers. One could obtain various comments and reviews of the people who have used the services of different legal representatives. All the information and contact details about the Anchorage DUI Defense Lawyer and law firms will be very useful for the people in making the right decision.

Information For Selecting A Probate Attorney

last will and testament

Probate laws of a state are in place to administer the procedure of distribution of the assets of a person after their death. There is a different section of attorneys which experts in dealing with these types of cases and assists in the distribution of these assets. They are named as the probate attorneys and also have interest in probate laws. It is not very hard to locate a probate lawyer but it needs some effort to look for the right lawyer for your requirements. You require to plan and investigate a little to locate the accurate attorney. Here in this article we will provide you some tips that will assist you in choosing the right probate attorney. Given below are some of the important tips.

Look out your exact necessities:

Probate cases can be of various kinds and have to calculate your requirements to search the lawyer who is most right for your case. Your requirements will assist you in formative the outstanding lawyer for your needs. For instance, a definite attorney might be good option in case you need to set up a trust to secure your property whereas the same lawyer may not be the great option when you need to challenge a will.

Look for and make a list of Attorneys:

Try to search attorney through a dependable resource like family, friends or lawyer whom you know well. Additionally, you should also find the names of the probate lawyers who perform in your region. As probate cases are dealt at local level and are controlled over be local judges therefore ensure that you find a local lawyer who knows all details and specifics about local judges.

Create a set of Questions:

Probate CourtIt is important for you to ensure that the lawyer has great experience of dealing with cases same as to yours. You have to be ready for this job. Outline a list of queries that should be intended at gathering like their experience, time spent in that region and also their views on your case. Additional, you should not hesitate in asking about payments charged by the attorney. Most of the customers avoid doing from such queries and finish up paying greatly for things that they did not even think of.

Speak to them:

The great method to decide whether an attorney is best enough for your case is by conversing with your attorney. It would be good if you mentioned all lawyer and fixed a date and time to gather them. though, you should keep in mind that lawyer are generally very demanding so you require to make it apparent that you are a possible customer looking for a appropriate attorney to characterize the case and not just looking for legal suggestion for the case.

Inquire about the selected lawyer from your state bar association:

By now you must have pointed down the list to one or two lawyers. Prior to you confirm the lawyer and recommend your case to him, just speak to your state bar association to ensure that he has no complaints. An ethics violation does not means that the legal representative is not excellent but it is better to speak to him about it before.

5 Things You Should Know About Los Angeles Real Property Laws

house for sale in Los AngelesComprising of part technical terms and part continuation of long historical tradition, Los Angeles real property law covers the gamut of rules regarding the tenancy or ownership of land or real property. These laws differ from country to country and whenever one has to purchase or possess any property, they have to abide by the property laws of that particular land; however, most countries follow certain basic codes and aspects that are universally unchanged. There are many people who purchase property in Los Angeles for several reasons, not the least of them being that the economy is one of the most booming and dynamic economies of all times.

Los Angeles real Property Laws

Like any other country, Los Angeles has its own property laws. Its laws are pretty similar to those of most western countries. Under Los Angeles property laws, only a Los Angeles national can own land; and foreigners have to contend themselves with owning the structures built over the land in question or leasing the land in question for a long term.

Type of Property and a Thorough Title Investigation

When buying Los Angeles property, there are several things you need to note. Make sure you identify what type of property you want to buy, ascertain the price of the property and ensure that the location is right. It is also equally important to be completely aware of the legal process involved in the purchase. It is also essential to do an in-depth title check of the title to the property as recorded with the Land Department. This helps ensure an unencumbered clear title to the land, or in the alternative, disclose any existing mortgage or lien on the land.

Property Agents

Los Angeles Real estate lawyerIf you are a foreigner purchasing property in Los Angeles, it is essential for you to understand Los Angeles property laws completely and thoroughly and this is better achieved if you have help from a Los Angeles property agent. The agent acts on your behalf and with his knowledge of the geography and the market information, will be in the most ideal position to get you a fair price and the best possible deal.

The Process

A big part of purchasing property in Los Angeles is to know the property law of Los Angeles properly.As mentioned earlier, the best method of owning land with property in Los Angeles is a long term lease and then constructing your own home on that land; thereby securing the land as well as your residential property. You also need to know the legal process in Los Angeles pertaining to the purchase of property in the country. This makes it important to engage Los Angeles real property lawyers who can help you with all the legalities involved in your property purchase.

Lawyers Can Help

To purchase property and to pay a deposit for the same in Los Angeles, it is essential to be aware of the local laws of Los Angeles; and for this, it is important to engage a good Los Angeles lawyer who will not only help with the property purchase and related legal processes but also at times, with Visa immigration for Los Angeles as well.

Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Situation

A personal injury lawyer is a legal representative with the ability to provide legal advice to clients who have either been physically or psychologically injured. The harm comes as a result of negligence or wrongdoing of company, government institution or another person. However, despite the intense knowledge and legal expertise presented by personal injury lawyers, their service provision is mainly limited to handling cases that fall under tort law. Examples of these cases include work injuries, automobile accidents, medical mistakes or slip and fall accidents.

Best Personal Injury Lawyer Selection Tips

Given the vast diversity of services provided by personal injury attorneys under the tort law, the art of selecting a personal injury lawyer becomes a significant challenge to many people. That is, while some legal representatives opt to publicly advertise themselves, others don’t see the need. And while some have their offices located in a big and prestigious building, others resort to provide mobile legal services. That is, moving from one place to another in legal service to those injured.

You should know that legal personal representatives come in all shape and size, skills and competence. As a result of this, the art of selecting the right personal injury lawyer can be extremely overwhelming. Consequently, hiring the right personal injury attorney can either break or make a case. Therefore, it is important to consider the following tips for selecting a personal injury lawyer in a bid to win a given case.


Given the diversity of the tort law, it is of grave importance to find a lawyer whose primary area of practice coincides with the case they want to be handled. That is, the selected legal representative has vast experience and a sense of integrity in the field of personal injury law. Through this, he/she can develop a critical understanding of the different procedures involved in such cases.


When it comes to selecting the right attorney to handle your case, you should look at their past practice experience. Through this, you will be able to determine whether their presence would build or destroy the legitimacy of your case. That is, a lawyer’s past defense experience on a similar case would provide you with additional insights on their capability in handling your case.

Personality and Expectations

While it is not entirely advisable to become best of friends with your lawyer, it is important to understand that when selecting a personal injury lawyer, you should focus on one that is very receptive to your needs. That is, one whose presence gives you comfort and a sense of belonging, and has your best interest at heart. It therefore becomes easier to save time and energy set aside for the case.


Due to the different and improved advertising techniques used by legal companies and personnel to market their skills, it is of grave importance for a client to avoid online reviews. That is, while every legal representative claims to be reputable and trustworthy, the best are those with a good relationship with their co-workers and legal system under which they practice. Through this, it becomes easier to follow through their past track record and determine whether or not they add value to your case.

Finding the best personal injury lawyer to represent you can prove to be an arduous task if you don’t know what to look for. Be sure to use these tips for selecting a personal injury lawyer in your search for a reputable legal professional.